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Master & Private Classes
10 July - 30 July
St. Petersburg
Vaganova Academy
Summer Intensive
3 - 24 July
Vaganova Academy
Summer Intensive
23 July
Teatro Principal
11 July - 30 July
Vaganova Academy
Summer Intensive
31 July - 21 August
Burgas, Bulgaria
Vaganova Academy
Summer Intensive



Official Courses of VA

Extraordinary program focused
on professional excellence

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All of the summer intensives from RMB are Official Courses of the Vaganova Academy. The programs are designed to develop the full technical and artistic capacities of each student with intensive training taught by the best teachers graduated from the Vaganova Academy. Currently there are on-site summer intensives in Alicante, Saint Petersburg and Istanbul, with different level programs and also for teachers. The courses include unique experiences with emblematic personalities from the ballet world, as well as galas at the end of each course and leisure activities.

Official Courses of VA

Professional training and exclusive cultural program

This innovative program combines the ballet training excellency with the artistic and cultural enrichment in a privileged environment for dance. Daily classes with the best teachers from Vaganova, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky come together to a great variety of culture and ludic activities. Ballet performances, backstage guided visits, encounters with stars as Ivan Vasiliev, Maria Khoreva, Xander Parish, Ivan Zaitzev, Angelina Vorontsova, etc., and a touristic program exclusively designed by dance experts historians.

Official Courses of VA

Virtual professional training
focused on individual work and intensive development


As a response to the current situation, Russian Masters Ballet has created professional extracurricular programs completely online, giving every student the possibility to learn from the best teachers graduated by the Vaganova Academy and complete their regular training. 
With the most strict standards, we take a step forward and we opt for new technologies with three online options: private and collective classes, programs for ballet schools and official intensives of the Vaganova Academy.

Exclusive performance that unites the greatest artists
and young talents of ballet world on one stage

At the end of each summer intensive, the great ballet stars delight us with the Stars Gala, where the professional students of RMB Intensives also participate. In past editions, artists from Mariinsky Theatre, Bolshoi Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Berlin Staatsballet, Dutch National Ballet, among others, have performed in the Stars Gala, including great dancers as Polina Semionova, Anna Ol, Ivan Zaytsev, etc. An unique gala that has accomplished the review and audience success since its first edition in 2014, and it involves the fine conclusion of the summer intensives with a magic night full of excitement.

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Talent promotion and exclusive auditions
for numerous professional schools and companies

The auditions carried out by RMB to enter ballet schools and companies have a format designed in order to let the student show his/her full potential and to have real chances to access important schools: directors of important institutions as the Vaganova Academy, Zurich Danz Academy, Berlin State Ballet School are invited.
Creating a kind environment where jitters do not influence negatively on the pupil’s performance we have helped dozens of students to accomplish their dreams by accessing the best schools and companies. In addition to this, we have a program in order to help our students to prepare their videos to audition for professional schools and companies.

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