How to find you in Spain?

We are located in the Spanish city of Alicante.
Phone: +34 609 816 395
We are waiting for your calls from 09:30 to 13:30 (GMT +2)
You can also always write to us for general questions at or through a special form in the CONTACTS section of the site

Are any documents given to participants of the ballet intensives?

To all our participants diplomas of participation are given with a number of academic hours of ballet classes attended.

Who can participate in the Russian Masters Ballet Intensives?

Students of 10-19 years old specializing in classical dance.

Can I participate if I am older than 19 year?

For older students who are current classical ballet teachers or studying classical ballet we have the Observation program.
You will be able to observe the classes and obtain the teaching expedience according to the original methodology of the Vaganova School.
For participation you need to send us your CV.



How can I audition for the ballet intensive?

You can opt for the video audition and send us your ballet video with main combinations around 8-12 mins long.
Or you can have an individual online class with one of our honoured teachers and be evaluated according to the results of this ballet class.
There are also online group auditions and live group auditions we organise every year.
All information is displayed in the Auditions for intensives section on our website.

When is the registration process over?

Official registration and audition process is closed usually at the end of January - by that time most of the places are usually occupied.

You may still register after that time and pass an individual online audition or audition by video, if you wish so.
If we have a place according to your level and age, we will accept you to the course. We may also place you on the waiting list as some changes are possible during the next months. In this case, we will inform you about the place and offer it to you.
All places are distributed on a first come first served basis.

Can I audition even if there are no places available for the course?

Yes, we may put you on the waiting list. There are some changes that may happen and a spot or two can be available. In this case, we will let you know about the place.



How to pay?

1. Credit card. The fastest and easiest way. You may pay in the Booking Service right away.
2. Bank transfer.
3. PayPal.
Final and most complete information about payment methods will be sent to you in an email after confirming the registration for the course.
*Please, note that all the bank fees and commissions are paid by a student.


When to pay?

You can check payment terms on your Personal Dashboard after confirming the registration for the course.