Margarita Kullik Ballet Theacher Margarita Kullik
Tutor of the Mariinsky Theatre
Teacher of stars such as Renata Shakirova and Kim Kimin
Winner at the International Ballet Competition of Varna
Former principal dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre
Margarita Kullik is the tutor of the prestigious and old company of the Mariinsky Theatre, where she stands out as one of the best in the world in her profession.

She graduated in 1981 at the Vaganova Academy with the legendary Natalia Dudinskaia and Irina Trofimova as her teachers. She immediately entered the Mariinsky Ballet, where she quickly rose to the position of a principal star. Kullik premiered numerous roles for this prestigious company such as La Fille Mal Gardée (choreography by Oleg Vinogradov) and Cinderella (choreography by Alexei Ratmanski). As the first dancer she assumed the lead roles in Don Quixote, Cinderella, Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, The Sylphide, The Corsair, Romeo and Juliet, among many others, and toured different countries. Among her awards it stands out the prize of the International Ballet Competition of Varna (Bulgaria) in 1983.

Since 2013 Margarita Kullik has been a tutor at the Mariinsky Ballet and her remarkable work is palpable in the excellence of her pupils (such as Renata Shakirova and Kim Kimin), and has elevated her to the top and enshrined as a legend.
Tatiana Sevostianova Teacher Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova)
Principal tutor of Eifman Ballet with more than 25 years experience
Prima ballerina
Honored Artist of Russia
Graduate teacher, summa cum laude at Vaganova Academy
During more than 25 years she was the main tutor of one of the most important neoclassical dance theatres, in Saint Petersburg.

She graduated from the Vaganova Academy in 1967. And from this time was the first dancer in the Chamber Ballet directed by Gusev, where she danced leading roles in ballets such as Giselle, Don Quijote, Korsar and others. Since the 70´s she was the first dancer in the most prestigious theaters; She was the big star in“Choreographic Miniatures” of Leonid Yakobson, an excellent and very recognized worldwide choreographer. In most ballet encyclopedias she was considered as one of the most virtuous ballerinas of the XX century. She is a big living legend of ballet, and it´s a real honor to have her in our course.

Since the end of her dance career until today, Tatiana has excelled and left an indelible mark as a mentor and tutor of many professional artists, giving them the stamp of ballet stars.

She has given large number of master classes all over the world: United States , European Union countries, Japan and others.

Among her disciples we can highlight:  Natalia Osipova,Vera Arbuzova, Nina Zmievets, Svetlana Bednenko and other soloists of the big theaters like Eifman Ballet, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Jacobson Ballet Theatre etc.
Galina Enikeeva Ballet Teacher  of Vaganova Academy Galina Enikeeva
More than 15 years ballet teacher in Vaganova Academy
Former first soloist of The Theatre of Choreographic Miniatures
Graduate teacher at Vaganova Academy
Worldwide recognized and one of the best representatives of St. Petersburg ballet culture, educated in the best traditions of academic dance. She´s actual and one of the most acclaimed teachers of Vaganova Academy.

Upon graduating with honors, Galina has completed specialization courses in the class of NATALIA DUDINSKAYA AND IRINA TROFIMOVA at Vaganova Academy.

After she worked as first soloist at the Theatre of Choreographic Miniatures of Leonid Jacobson, an exceptional and principal choreographer of Kirov Theatre (now Mariinsky), in his time. With the company Galina danced around the world with great success.

In 1998 she graduated as a classical ballet teacher in Vaganova Ballet Academy. Since then she has acquired an extensive teaching practice and methodical didactic in ballet.

Currently, she teaches ballet in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg, basically on elementary and intermediate levels. Also, Galina gives Stage Practice classes for children in the Mariinsky Theatre.

She has given numerous master classes in Japan, Denmark, Italy and other countries.

More information on:
Lyudmila Komolova Ballet Teacher Lyudmila Komolova
Current professor of the Vaganova Academy
Dancer at the Mikhailovsky Theater
Graduated from the Vaganova Academy
She was born on September 29, 1949 in Leningrad. She graduated from the Vaganova Academy, under the teachings of V.S. Kostrovitskayay V.M. Stankevich.

In 1968 she entered the Mikhailovsky Theater where she played numerous solo roles, where she remained for almost thirty years.

In 1993 she entered the Vaganova Ballet Academy, in the pedagogical department. Since 1996, she is a classical dance teacher of elementary grades. In 2007 she was elected to the post of assistant professor of the methodology of classical and duo-classical dance teaching.
Yulia Kasenkova - Ballet Teacher Yulia Kasenkova
Teacher at Vaganova Ballet Academy
Coach at Mikhailovsky Ballet Theatre
Former soloist dancer at Mariinsky Ballet Theatre
Graduate teacher at Vaganova Academy
Yulia Kasenkova is an acclaimed teacher at the Vaganova Academy, outstanding because of all her achievements in such a short pedagogic career.

Yulia Kasenkova graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy, and joined the Mariinsky Ballet Company as a soloist from 1993 to 2014. She received a teaching degree from Vaganova Academy in 2010, and was immediately hired as a coach by Mikhailovsky Theatre. She joined Vaganova Academy in 2013, teaching international trainees, before being promoted in 2014. She has been teaching upper school classes ever since.

Yulia has only been teaching for 7 years, but she has already received major awards for her work and achieved some great results with her students. It is such a privilege to have this gifted teacher in our faculty.
Andrey Yermolenkov Andrey Yermolenkov
Currently ballet teacher in Vaganova Academy
Former soloist of Eifman Ballet and Mikhailovsky Theatre
Graduate from Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher

Direct disciple of N.I. Kovmira, who is the most valued professor of male technique in the middle and advanced levels in classical dance.

Andrey Yermolenkov was born on 06.02.1969 in Leningrad. He graduated from Vaganova Academy in 1987. In 1987-1989 he worked at the Maly Theater of Opera and Ballet (Mikhailovsky Theatre). 

Since 1989 he worked as a soloist in the Ballet Theatre under the direction of Eifman. 

During his career he performed all the current repertoire. In 2007 he graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Vaganova Academy as a teacher and tutor. Since 2006 he has been teaching classical dance in the middle and advanced levels in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg.

More information on the Vaganova Academy website.

Andrey Ermolenkov Teacher RMB 4.jpg
Andrey Ermolenkov Teacher RMB 2.jpg

Elena Alkanova - Ballet teacher Elena Alkanova
Currently teacher of classical dance in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
Former soloist of Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky theatres
Disciple of Natalia Dudinskaya
Last and very great addition to the constellation of stars which is Russian Masters. Formed by the great ballet legend, Natalia Dudinskaya. Elena Alkanova was a soloist at the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theatre, the two best ballet companies in the world. Actually she´s focused already for more than 20 years in her work teaching classical ballet in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg.

Born January 29, 1954 in Leningrad. In 1972 she graduated from the Leningrad Academic Choreography School. She studied at Vaganova in Natalia Dudinskaya's class and was accepted into the company of the Mariinsky Theatre, where she performed roles in the ballets “Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, “Le Corsaire” and others. From 1975 to 1993 soloist in Mikhailovsky. Today she is perhaps one of the best professors of classical dance in the world.

More information on:
Anna Podlesnaya Teacher of RMB Anna Podlesnaya
Currently teacher of Eifman Ballet
In the past the principal soloist of the Yacobson Ballet
Disciple of direct students of Agrippina Vaganova
Graduated with honors from the Vaganova Academy
Formed by Ludmila Safronova, one of the last students of Agrippina Vaganova, Anna Podlesnaya has graduated summa cum laude as ballerina and after as a teacher at the Vaganova Academy.

She worked with legendary teachers such as Alla Shelest, Alla Osipenko, Lyudmila Kunakova and Ninel Petrova, Lyudila Safronova.

Anna Podlesnaya represents the St. Petersburg´s school in its purest form, even to receive the epithet “Vaganova’s granddaughter.” After an acclaimed career as a Principal Dancer, she became an outstanding teacher. Her excellence as Teacher is shown in details such as the correct position of hands and feet, she combines attention to detail with great sympathy and sensitivity when working with children.
Tatiana Cherkashina - Ballet Teacher Tatiana Cherkashina
Currently teacher in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
National awards from Ministry of Culture of Russia
Graduated from the Vaganova Academy
Tatiana graduated from the Vaganova Academy in 1989. Since then her professional ballet career started in the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Conservatory of St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov.

Since 1990 Tatiana Cherkashina has been the soloist of this theatre. Her work as a ballet dancer and her labor in the cultural scope of the country has been recognized several times by most prestigious national awards from the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.
In 2008 she got the official grade of Teacher of Classical Ballet in the Vaganova Academy and has been teaching classical dance for over 10 years.

Tatiana Cherkashina has offered already various master classes of classical ballet in Norway, Israel and Japan.

Her major jobs:
• Soloist – “Classical Syphony” S. Prokofiev
• “Grand pa Classic” F. Ober/ V. Gazovsky
• Ballet dancer – “Petrushka” I. Stravinsky/M- Fokin
• Princess Aurora, princess Florina – “The Sleeping Beaty” P. Chaikovsky / M. Petipa (under reducción of Dolgushin)
• "Opus №45" А. Berg\ G.Contreras
• Ballet dancer – «Dreams» P. Chaikovsky/N. Dolgushin
• Odetta-Odilia – “The Swan Lake” P. Chaikovsky/ L. Ivanov, М. Petipa (under reducción of N. Dolgushin)
• Gisele – “Gisele” А. Аdan / Corrali, G. Perro, М. Petipa
• Fairy Drazhe – “The Nutcracker” P. Chaikovsky/V.Vaionen, L.Ivanov, N. Dolgushin
• "Grand Pa" soloist – "Pajita" L. Minkus / M. Petipa
• Julietta– "Epitafia" Т. Albinoni/N. Dolgushin
• Kitri – "Don Quijote" L. Minkus/A. Gorsky (under reducción of N. Dolgushin)
• Pimpinella – "Pulchinello" I. Stravinsky/K. Chubashev
• "Choreographic Miniatures” L. Yakobson

More information on <a target="_blank" href=""><b><u>Vaganova Academy website</u></b></a>.<br>
Alexey Ilyin Alexey Ilyin
Currently a professor of Classical Dance and Duet Classical Dance at the Vaganova Academy
Ex-soloist of Maly Ballet of the Mariinsky Theater
Graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Vaganova Academy 
Alexey graduated from the Perm State Choreographic School in 1985 (class of V.N. Tolstukhin).

After that he entered the Gorky Opera and Ballet Theater named after Alexander Pushkin. He danced all the solo ballet repertoire of the theater.
He was invited to Leningrad, to the International Foundation of Leonid Yakobson - the Maly Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre. There Alexey danced leading parts in classical ballets and solo parts of the concert repertoire of the troupe led by O.M. Vinogradov.

In the late 90's he entered the Academy of Russian Ballet named after A.Ya.Vaganova at the Pedagogical Faculty (class of V.V. Rumyantseva). Throughout the training he taught in classes and rehearsed parts for concerts.

After graduating from the Academy he worked as a choreographer at the SABT Theatre and the Academy of the theatre in South Africa. Upon his return to Russia, he began teaching at the ARB in the Department of Classical and Duet-Classical Dance.

PARTIES: Pas de Trois (Swan Lake), Spartacus, Crassus (Spartacus), Albert (Giselle), Harlequin (Harlequinade).
Polina Rassadina Character Dance Teacher Polina Rassadina
Currently tutor and teacher in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
Soloist of character dance at the Mariinsky Theatre
Due to her spectacular curriculum and teaching experience Polina is the best representative of professional ballet environment to transmit Character Dance.

Polina is also a tutor and lecturer in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg, as well as character dance soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, considered one of the leading ballet theaters.

Her work in our intensiveы marked a turning point in our students. This discipline is vital and crucial for a ballet artist. It has its origin and development in Russia but in Europe unfortunately there are not many well formed specialists. Dance character usually marks a fundamental difference between one dancer and another, and can even decide their fate.

During the Russian Masters courses Polina teaches Character Dance to all professional groups.

Some notes about her professional activity:
Polina was born in St. Petersburg. In 1994 she graduated from the Vaganova Academy in the class of NATALIA DUDINSKAYA y ALISA STROGOYA, prominent legends in the history of ballet.
Between 1994 and 1996 - Polina was a soloist in the ballet company "Ballet Camara".
Since 1996 Polina Rassadina has been working in the ballet company of the Mariinsky Theatre.
In 2008 she received the title of "professor and tutor of ballet" in the Pedagogical Faculty at the Vaganova Academy.
And from 2012 Polina combines her work at the Mariinsky Theatre with her work as a character dance teacher.

More information on Vaganova Academy website.
Aleksandr Omar - Acting Teacher Alexander Omar
Acting Teacher in Vaganova Academy
Soloist Dancer at the Mikhailovsky Ballet Theatre
Alexander Omar graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in 2004 and the same year he joined the Mikhailovsky Ballet Company.

His repertoire included the roles of Tybalt (Romeo and Juliet, chor. by Nikolay Boyarchikov; chor. by Oleg Vinogradov), Spartacus, Crix and centurions (Spartacus, chor. by George Kovtun), Moor’s Friend (The Moor’s Pavane, chor. by Jose Limon), Gringoire (Esmeralda), solo in the Indian dance (La Bayadère), the role of Fairy Carabosse (The Sleeping Beauty, rev. by Nikolay Boyarchikov), Mr Drosselmeyer, Abdurrahman and solo role in panaderos (Raymonda), Rose waltz and Spanish dance (The Nutcracker, chor. by Nikolay Boyarchikov), Ali and Isaac Lanquedem (Le Corsaire, rev. by Farukh Ruzimatov).

Now he performs solo roles in the new productions of the ballets Giselle, ou Les Wilis, Swan Lake, Le Corsaire, Laurencia, The Flames of Paris, Cipollino, and The Bronze Horseman.

He is also a current acting teacher of in the Vaganova Academy.
Olga Pavlova - Teacher of RMB Olga Pavlova
Soloist at the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Perm
Graduated Bolshoi Theatre Academy as a Classical Dance teacher
Graduated at the Classical Dance Professional School in Perm, Russia
Dancer and teacher with extensive experience.

Olga graduated Perm Professional Ballet School, Russia in 1993.

After that she immediately joined The Opera and Ballet Theatre of Perm as a dancer, ascending to the category of soloist. With the company Pavlova danced the great ballets of the classical repertoire.

To pursue her teaching career, graduated Bolshoi Theatre Academy as a Classical Dance teacher.

Finally, she moved to Spain to focus fully on her pedagogical role, teaching at the Artis Reus School and all RMB programs.
Mikhail Sivakov Teacher Mikhail Sivakov
Principal dancer at the Mkhailovsky Theatre
Vaganova Ballet Academy Graduated
Mikhail Sivakov graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in 1998, in the class of Konstantin Shatilov, and the same year he joined the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

He performed the roles of James (La Sylphide), Ahmet and Ali (Le Corsaire, rev. by Pyotr Gusev), Phoebus (Esmeralda), Solor (La Bayadère), Jean de Brien (Raymonda), Blue Bird and Fleur de Pois’s Cavalier (The Sleeping Beauty), Basilio and Espada (Don Quixote), Mikado (Princess of the Moon, or The Tale of Taketori, chor. by Nikolay Boyarchikov), Spartacus (Spartacus, chor. by Georgy Kovtun), Rose Waltz (The Nutcracker).
Now his repertoire includes roles in Swan Lake, Giselle, ou Les Wilis, The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Laurencia, Cipollino, Without Words, Nunc Dimittis.
Sofia Gumerova Teacher Sofia Gumerova
Teacher at Vaganova Academy
Former soloist at the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre
Vaganova Academy graduated
“A tall, and with noble elongated lines, she perfectly embodies the modern type of the Petersburg ballerina - elegant and aristocratic.” - Ballet Magazine.

Sofia Gumerova graduated from the Russian Ballet Academy in 1995. And from the same year, she entered the troupe and to 2016 she has been the first soloist of the Mariinsky Theater.

In 2010 Sofia received the title of honored Artist of Russia.

Sofia’s repertoire includes more than 30 roles, including the beloved Giselle (Giselle, Manna, Mirta), Swan Lake (Odette - Odile, large swans), La Bayadere (Nikia, Grand pas, trio of shadows), Corsair (Medora, a trio of odalisks), La Sylphide (La Sylphide), the Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora, Candide Fairy, Princess Florine), Raymonda (Raymonda, Clemance, Grand pas), Don Quixote (Kitri, Street Dancer, Queen of the Dryads), Michel Fokine’s ballets The Dying Swan, Chopiniana, and many many others!

Repertoire also includes:
Ondine (Queen of the Sea); choreography by Pierre Lacotte,
Reverence; choreography by David Dawson,
the duet from the ballet The Ghostly Ball; choreography by Dmitry Bryantsev,
Goya-Divertissement (Duchess of Alba); choreography by José Antonio,
Like an Old Organ Grinder; choreography by Alexei Miroshnichenko,
Pas de quatre (Carlotta Grisi, Lucile Grahn); choreography by Anton Dolin
and Euphoria; choreography by Nikita Dmitrievsky.

Sofia Gumerova works as a pedagogue at the Vaganova Academy and a teacher at the Conservatory of Rimsky Korsakov at the department of directing ballet. In addition, she gives master classes all over the world.
Dmitriy Shevtsov Ballet Teacher Dmitry Shevtsov
Teacher at the Eifman Ballet
Graduate teacher in Vaganova Academy
Student of direct disciples of Alexander Pushkin
Ballet dancer of the Eifman Ballet
In 1986 he graduated from the Saratov Choreographic Conservatory in the class of GENNADY ALBERT, who was a direct disciple with Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alla Osipenko of mythical Alexander Pushkin, considered a legend among teachers of classical ballet..

During his soloist career he worked at the Theatre of Boris Eifman, Gorki Theatre, Theatre K.Tachkin and others. He participated in productions of famous Mariinsky Theatre choreographers, among others worked with Ignatev and Ganibalova.

Graduated with honors from the Vaganova Academy as a teacher in the class of LUDMILA SAFRONOVA, who confirmed that it is one of the great hopes and best Vaganova methodists.
Anastasiya Sevostianova Anastasiya Sevostianova
Supervisor and teacher of Saint-Petersburg private company
Soloist of international theaters
Degree in Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
She has the historical privilege to be the daughter and disciple of the great Tatiana Sevastianova. Graduated with honors at the Vaganova Academy, as an artist and teacher in ballet class of Udalenkova.

After her soloist career in various ballet companies, she became supervisor and teacher of great Russian ballet companies, including the prestigious Ballet L. Yakobson.

She was a guest soloist in the ballet company of the Leningrad Conservatory named after Rimskiy-Korsakov.

In 1993 she was invited to the ballet company of Prague as soloist.
From 1995-1998 she was a soloist of the State Theatre in Brno.
Since 1998, soloist in the company .L.Yakobson.
She participated in tours around Russia and the world.

Svetlana Ivanova - Vaganova Academy actual teacher & Teacher of RMB Svetlana Ivanova
Vaganova Academy actual teacher
With the Mariinsky Ballet from 1996 to 2020
Graduated from the Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
In 1996 she graduated from Vaganova Academy of Ballet as a student of legendary Inna Zubkovskaya. She has been working since then with the Mariinsky Ballet where she dances soloist roles.

In addition, she graduated as teacher from the Vaganova Academy and the last four years she has been giving lessons in this prestigious school to the intermediate levels.

She has performed, among other soloist roles, the Sylph from La Sylphide by August Bournonville, Aurora and Princess Florine from The Sleeping Beauty by Marius Petipa and more neoclassical choreographies such as The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude by William Forsythe.

The Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta praises her versatility by saying that “her feet can command any tempi, emotions and styles”.
In our courses Ms. Ivanova will teach the intermediate levels. We are honored and lucky to be able to work with such a talented and professional teacher.
Natalia Pavlikova Ballet Teacher Natalia Pavlikova
Artistic director of the Ural College of Choreography
Winner of multiple prizes
Graduated in Perm Ballet College
Student of direct disciple of A.Vaganova
One more award for our work: Natalia Pavlikova, one of the most award-winning teachers, winner of the most prestigious in the world of ballet national and international awards:

  • AWARD WINNER “TEACHING SKILLS TO HIGH 2008″. International Festival Competition “Coast of Hope” (St.Petersburg, Russia).
  • WINNING PRIZE “FOR HIGH PROFESSIONALISM” (OF ALL RUSSIA), festival of competition “Frost 2009″ (Kazan)

After graduating in 1978 from the Academy of Perm worked in theaters under the command of acknowledged masters of choreography, as I.Belsky, N.Kasatkina, V.Vasilyev and Jerry Bevington (USA), George Aleksidze ( Georgia), Armando Jorge (Portugal), Alla Sigalova (Russia), Lucas Vedzhetti (Italy), Pal Frenak (France), Karine Saporta (France)., as Coryphée danced all classic and contemporary repertory of this time.

A part of his long and brilliant career as a dancer she graduated in 1993 at the Faculty of Art History.

Fireproof, meticulous perfectionist and, since 2002 and currently continues to refine its qualities of teaching at the Vaganova Academy.

Since 1996 she started her career of ballet teacher, highlighting both that soon became ARTISTIC DIRECTOR AT THE HIGH SCHOOL OF DANCE Dyagilev in Yekaterinburg.

She has composed many choreographic pieces that have gained international recognition.
Winner of numerous international awards:
* Festival “Bravo!” Monpellier (France) as “” Best Actress of the Year ”
N.Pavlikova your teaching career highlights:
2008 – Winner of “Regarding high pedagogical skills” International Festival Competition “Coast of Hope” (St.Petersburg, Russia) award.
2009 – Winner of “For high professionalism” All-Russian festival of “Frost 2009″ (Kazan) competition; Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of cultural workers;
2011 – Diploma “For the preservation of the classical heritage” International Festival Competition “Dance Exclusive ‘; First prize for the teaching of international competition “festivapya (Prague) – dance festival”;
2011 – Diploma of II Degree of regional competition on the program and educational activities to ensure art schools for children;
2012 – Winner of “Best choreography” International Competition of classical dance “invites Nutcracker”; AWARD WINNER “To the best pedagogical work” of all Russia, choreography contest “falling stars”.

The students of Natalia Pavlikova successfully continue their studies in Perm and Vaganova Academy plus many other prestigious institutions.
Students in NAPavlikovoy he was awarded the following diplomas and certificates:
2008 – Grand Prize at the International Festival “Costa de la Esperanza” (St. Petersburg); Grade I winners IV International Festival-Contest “Amistad. The sun. The world” (Bulgaria) .; winners of the regional contest “Ural Stars”;
2009 – Winner of the First Grade All-Russian Festival-Contest “Jack Frost” (Kazan);
2011 – The winners of the I and II degree of the International Festival Competition “Dance Exclusive‘;
2012 – Winner of II degree of the International Competition of classical dance “invites Nutcracker”; Grand Prix of the All-Russian Contest of choreography “falling stars”;
2013 – Winner of Title III of the regional festival-contest “Spring Fantasy”.

Russian Masters, Where everything is possible.
Svetlana Efimova - Ballet Teacher Svetlana Efimova
More than 8 years of experience as a teacher
Honoured with reputable ballet teaching awards
Graduated from the Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
Winner of “The Best Teacher of Complementary Education" award by the city hall of St. Petersburg (2012)
Winner of the Educational Achievements Competition (2012)

Svetlana Efimova was born in Leningrad in 1966. She graduated from the Vaganova Academy (Professor A. I. Trofimova, 1984).
During 1990 - 1992 she was a soloist of the theatre "Russky Ballet" in St. Petersburg. Then for a year she developed her career as a ballet dancer at the Symphony State Capella of St. Petersburg under the leadership of Georgy Aleksidze. Until 1998 Svetlana danced in the Maliy Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre and then until 2008 she worked at the Ballet Theatre of Konstantin Tachkin in St. Petersburg.

The repertoire of Svetlana includes among others: ballet "Paquita" (Grand Pas, variation), "Les Sylphides" (Eleventh Waltz), "Fairy Doll" (Pas de trois), "Giselle" (Vilisa, friends), "The Nutcracker" (Waltz of the snowflakes, pink Waltz), "Swan lake" (Pas de trois, the Hungarian dance, little swans), "La Vivandière" (Pas de six). As a performer she worked with choreographers: Oleg Vinogradov, Giorgy Aleksidse, Dmitry Bryantsev.

She graduated from the Faculty of Education of the Vaganova Ballet Academy (2010). Since 2008 Svetlana has been a teacher and tutor of the School of Classical Ballet where she has acquired an extensive pedagogical practice as well as vast experience in teaching methods.
Anton Valdbauer Teacher RMB Anton Valdbauer
Сontemporary dancer with a classical background
Anton Waldbauer was born in a small city in Russia and began his studies at the Gymnasium of Arts.

After participating in the prestigious competition Prize de Lausanne, he received an invitation to continue his studies at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. He graduated from the Academy with honors in 2003.
Then he entered the Department of Modern Dance at the Higher School of Arts (Frankfurt, Germany) and at the end, of course, joined the European Ballet (London).

In 2004, he accepted an invitation to the role of lead soloist in the State Opera and Ballet Theater of the Komi Republic (Russian Federation).
Where for two seasons he has been playing the leading parts in the classical repertoire and participating in new Theater productions.

In 2006, she took part in the 10th Anniversary Ballet Competition in Moscow, where she won a diploma for the best choreography, with his debut work “6 Seconds”. In the same year, he returned to Europe and began to dance with the prestigious Netherlands Dance Theater. Where Anton became the first Russian artist in the 50th history of the troupe.

In 2009 he joined the Kullberg Ballet (Stockholm, Sweden).
And in 2010 he returned to Holland to the main troupe of the Dutch Dance Theater. Where, over the years of his work, Anton had collaborated with many prestigious choreographers, such as Jiri Kylian, Ohad Naharin, Paul Lightfoot, Johan Inger, Wim Vandekeybus, Crystal Pite, Sharon Eyal, Sasha Waltz, and many others.

In 2013, at the invitation of Johannes Oman, he became the first soloist and the main artist in all-new productions of the Royal Swedish Ballet.
In 2014, he acted as a guest artist at the Nobel Gala.
In 2016, he received the Pina Bausch Prize and collaborates with Familie Flöz, a troupe of physical theater from Berlin.

Since 2012, Anton has been actively engaged in teaching modern dance, improvisation, and choreography. He is currently a guest teacher at many prestigious centers/schools throughout Europe.
Anton is also actively engaged in his productions and his choreographic works were presented in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Russia, France, and Spain. His first short film, 33 Questions, was presented at the Stockholm Dance Festival.
Tatiana Shanina - Ballet Teacher Tatiana Shanina
Teacher of St. Petersburg's Ballet School of Ilya Kuznetcov
Principal soloist
Graduated from Perm Ballet College
A brilliant talented dancer and ballet teacher.

Her career as a principal dancer began in 1981 when after graduating from prestigious Perm Ballet College she became an excellent prima. She has received worldwide recognition acting in the best scenes of more than 30 countries.

Following her professional career she was introduced in the education sector and very successfully Tatiana is imparting ballet classes specializing in Elementary levels.
Gentian Doda Contemp Teacher Gentian Doda
Unique contemporary dancer
Successful choreographer
Assistant to Nacho Duato
Choreography Prizes in the Copenhagen and Hanover
Gentian Doda was a dancer at The Akhundov Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Teatro Arena di Verona, Teatro Regio di Parma, Compañía de Victor Ullate's Ballet Company and The Spanish National Dance Company directed by Nacho Duato.

From 2005 until 2010 with The Spanish National Dance Company directed by Nacho Duato he was creating every year a new premier for CND 2 and for the main company CND.

In 2011, Gentian received the First Choreography Awards in the Copenhagen and Hanover contest, as well as in Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition by the Scapino Ballet.

Since then, he has created world premieres for New York Choreographic Institute, Scapino Ballet, National Dance School in Santo Domingo and Ballet Nuremberg, State Theatre at Gärtnerplat, The Teatro Massimo in Palermo. In August 2014, he was offered the position of First Ballet Master of the The Berlin State Ballet where he was working for four years.

In the season 2017/18 he premiered two new shows, “This Silence” at the Juilliard School in New York, and “was bleibt” with Staatsballett Berlin at Komische Oper.

In the last season (2020) he premiered at Mikhailovsky theatre, St. Petersburg, a magnificent ballet “La Bayadere” as an assistant of Nacho Duato.

He is currently working in Berlin in new independent productions and has been commissioned a new creation with the Greek National Ballet.
Ksenia Korobchanskaya Ballet Teacher Ksenia Korobchanskaya
International Ballet teacher with 6 years of experience
Her pupils won 1-st prize in the national Dance Contest "Anaprode"
Graduated from Vaganova Academy
Vast experience as a dancer

Graduated as Bachelor of arts in Classical Ballet 1990 - 1998 Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet , Saint Petersburg, Russia
Graduated summa cum laude as a Teacher in February of 2020 Moscow State Academy of Choreography, Russia (commonly known as Bolshoi Ballet Academy)

Teaching Experience

Since 2019 - freelance ballet teacher in The Netherlands, specialized in teaching the Vaganova method of classical Ballet

Ballet Mistress 2017 - 2018
Ballet de Catalunya - Barcelona, Spain
● Daily classes and rehearsals
● Presented Grand Pas from "Paquita" (version of Mariinsky theater) and Gala Concert of classical repertoire, as a Premier presentation of the “Ballet de Catalunya”
● Collaborated as assistant choreographer in the creation of "The Nutcracker"

Invited Ballet Teacher July 2018
Festival " +Danza " - San Salvador, El Salvador.
● Guest teacher - Master classes of ballet, Pas de deux and classical repertoire - advanced level.
● Integrating classical repertoire in the Gala concert of the Festival

Ballet Teacher 2014 - 2019
Dansa Spin - Barcelona, Spain
● Classical ballet and repertoire - advanced, intermediate and beginners level.
● Choreographed and directed ballet performances for national and international competitions and annual shows.
In May of 2016 her students won of the first prize, with her choreography "Nocturne" at the national dance competition "Anaprode", Tarragona, Spain.
In April 2019 - second price for Ksenia,s choreography “Rolling in the Deep” at the international competition “Dance World Cup”, Burgos, Spain.

Ballet Teacher 2014 - till present time Russian Masters Ballet Camp Alicante, Spain
● Classical ballet and physical strength - intermediate and beginners level.

Dancing Experience

1998 - 2005 " St.Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theater of Leonid Jacobson" , Russia, performing classical repertoire as "The Swan Lake", "Giselle", "The Nutcracker", "Spartacus", "Carmen" and "The Miniatures of Leonid Jacobson".

2003 - Festival of modern Choreography "White Nights", dedicated to Celebration of 300 years of Saint Petersburg.
Received a People's Choice Award for dancing neoclassical choreography «Alone», created by russian neoclassical choreographer L. Ivanova.

2005 - 2006 "Universal Ballet Company" Seoul, South Korea
Performing in "Don Quixote", "Giselle" and "The Nutcracker".

2006 - 2013 WEP Productions MSC, Italy - soloist of international ballet.


English: Fluent speaking and writing
Spanish: Fluent speaking and writing
Russian: Native Language
Dutch : Basic speaking
Marianna Krivenko - Ballet Teacher Marianna Krivenko
Former soloist of Eifman Ballet
Vaganova graduate in Ballet Pedagogy
Ballet dancer and teacher.

Born in Kiev. From the age of 5, she began to study at the Deryugins' Gymnastics School in Kiev.

At the age of 10 she entered the Kiev Choreography School. Danced solo parts in the ballet "Theme with Variations" staged by V. Kovtun, The great classical pas from the ballet "Paquita", Pas de six from the ballet "Markitanka", Naina from the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila", "Revived frescoes" from the ballet " Humpbacked Horse ", pas de deux from the ballet" The Venetian Carnival "," Classical pas de deux "by D. Balanchine.

After graduation, she came to St. Petersburg. From 1995 to 2010 she worked at the Academic Ballet Theater of Boris Eifman.

She took part in all theater performances (Russian Hamlet, Giselle (girlfriends), Pinocchio (Fox Alice, Red Giselle, Tchaikovsky, Requiem, My Jerusalem, Don Juan And Moliere "," Karamazov "," Seagull "," Anna Karenina "...).

In 2010-2011 she worked at the Helen Prokopieva DanceTheater "The Fortress Ballet". Danced in the performances "Attempt of tenderness", "Wait for an Angel", "Singing in July".

Marianna participated in the theatrical project "Lessons of Tango and Love" in which the People's Artist of the USSR Alisa Freindlikh, Varvara Vladimirova and the Dance Theater "The Fortress Ballet" took part. Producer and choreographer of the play is Elena Prokopyeva.

She graduated from the Russian Ballet Academy of  Vaganova specializing in "Pedagogy of the ballet".

She taught classical dance at the St. Petersburg Music Hall Theater. From 2011 to the present she is a teacher of choreography at the Academy of figure skating. She also teaches classical dance lessons at the DAR Dance Academy.
Elena Kukseva Teacher of Vaganova Academy Elena Kukseva
Teacher of Character Dance and Classical Dance in junior grades
Former soloist of Small Mariinsky Ballet Company
Vaganova Academy graduate in teaching
Elena Kukseva is a highly respected ballet master who holds a teaching certificate from the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Mrs. Kukseva received her early professional ballet training and experience from the Perm State Choreographic Academy. In 1986, upon graduation from Perm she accepted a position in the Nijzgorod Ballet Theatre where she had the opportunity to demonstrate her technical brilliance and theatrical mastery by performing many leading roles in classical ballets, such as "Gisele", Spanish Dance in "Swan Lake", Gypsy in "Don Quichote". In 1991 she transitioned to the Small Mariinsky Ballet Company in Leningrad to dance under the direction of Leonid Yakobson.

Mrs. Kukseva toured nationally and internationally performing such recognizable works as 9 Tangos and Bach, Wedding Cortege, Arlekinade, Roden's Sculptures and Pas-de-trois Rossini.

She currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 2014, Elena is a regular guest of Russian Masters Ballet, teaching at holiday Workshops and Winter Intensives, helping RMB students achieve new heights in ballet training, in line with world requirements.
Denis Untila Teacher RMB Denis Untila
Currently one of the most outstanding European artists and choreographers
Soloist of Aalto Ballett Essen
Winner of the Aalto Stage Prize for young artists 2012
One of the most outstanding European artists and choreographers, Denis Untila, will give classes of Contemporary Dance to the students of RMBC 2018. A unique opportunity to learn from the best.

Denis Untila began his dance career in his homeland, Moldova, and completed his training by graduating from the Vienna Conservatory. He joined the Ballet Kiel in 2001 under the direction of Mario Schröder as a soloist. He performed as a guest dancer in Schröder’s choreography “The Wall” in Essen in 2004. Further guest appearances have taken him to the Moldovan National Opera, and to Salzau, France and Italy (“Europe Dance”), then to the ballet company of the Vienna State Opera, where he performed in “The Nutcracker” and as Oscar in Vladimir Malakhov’s ballet “A Masked Ball”.

Since the autumn of 2006 Denis has been a member of the Aalto Ballet Essen, firstly as a group dancer with solo obligations and then from 2009 as a soloist with group commitments. On the Aalto stage he has danced solo roles as Dmitri (“The Brothers Karamazov“), Valerio (“Leonce and Lena”), Blue Bird (“Sleeping Beauty”), Bécaud (“La vie en rose”), Lillas Pastia (“Carmen/Boléro”), Moritz (“Max and Moritz), as well as further soloist roles in “Homage to Queen” and “Irish Soul”. He has also choreographed “The Soldier’s Tale” (Family Concert), “Game” (“PTAH”) and together with Michelle Yamamoto, “Alice” (“PTAH II”), "Jo“ and "Passacaglia“ ("PTAH III“). In the 2012/2013 season he choreographed his first full-length ballet “Othello” for the Aalto Theatre. Denis Untila is the winner of the Aalto Stage Prize for young artists 2012. After successfully creating „Vibrations“ for Essener Philharmonie, he presents a new choreography in 2018: „Moving Colours“, together with Armen Hakobyan.
Elena Bobovnikova-Chmil Teacher RMB Elena Bobovnikova (Chmil)
A coach with the Mariinsky Ballet, working with Vaganova Ballet Academy students
Former dancer of the Mariinsky Theater
Graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy
Born in Leningrad. Graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in 1998.

Joined the Mariinsky Ballet сompany the same year. Her repertoire included La Sylphide (Nancy, Sylphs), La Bayadère (Manu, Bayadères, Trio of Shades), The Sleeping Beauty (Carefree Fairy, Playfulness Fairy, Little Red Riding Hood), Swan Lake (Cygnets, Neapolitan Dance), Raymonda (Grand pas, variation), Le Corsaire (Trio of Odalisques), Don Quixote (Amour) etc.

Prize-winner at the International Vaganova-Prix Competition (2nd prize, St Petersburg, 1998).

Since 2019 she has been a coach with the Mariinsky Ballet, working with Vaganova Ballet Academy students engaged in the theatre’s performances.
Lyubov Kunakova Theacher Lyubov Kunakova
Teacher at the Vaganova Academy
Currently one of the head teachers and répétiteurs of the Mariinsky Theater
Honoured Artist of Russia
People's Artist of Russia
Principal dancer of the Kirov Ballet
The merits of this living legend of ballet say it all: Honoured Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Russia as well as Winner of the International Ballet Competition of Varna and the International Ballet Competition of Moscow, among many others.

Kunakova was the principal dancer of the Kirov Ballet (now Mariinsky) for almost 20 years. She has been a teacher at the Vaganova Academy and has taught all over the world. She is currently one of the head teachers and répétiteurs of the Mariinsky Theater, where she trains the principal stars of the company. At the same time, since 2001 she works with the Ballet Konstantin Tachkin of Saint Petersburg.
Asiya Lukmaniva Teacher RMB Asiya Lukmanova
Russian Masters Ballet Director
Rudolf Nureyev honors graduated first soloist dancer
Vaganova diplomated teacher, student of direct disciples of Agrippina Vaganova
Asiya Lukmanova graduated in Rudolf Nureyev Choreographic School in 2002. Graduated summa cum laude in Vaganova Ballet Academy.

She became a star ballet dancer in the Saint-Petersburg Ballet Theatre K.Tachkin.

At the age of 17 years old she danced her first soloist part: Kitri, in “Don Quijote”. At 25 years old she became a Promotor in one of the biggest music festivals of Spain nowadays, with more than 30,000 attendants: Electromar festival.

Nowadays she drives her best ever proyect: Russian Masters Ballet. She wants to expand all over the globe the best classical ballet traditions and with fair prices to broke limits and help students to improve and become the best.
Aleksandra Lebedeva - Teacher of Vaganova Academy Aleksandra Lebedeva
Since 2018 a student of the pedagogical faculty of the Vaganova Academy
Since 1997 a dancer in the Mariinsky Theatre
Graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Dance
Russian Masters organisation is glad to introduce the teacher of historical and character dances: Aleksandra Lebedeva. She will be working with us in the next courses and she has been recommended specifically by the Vaganova Academy.

Graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Dance, she has worked since 1997 in the Mariinsky Theatre as a dancer. Since 2018 she is also a student of the pedagogical faculty of the Vaganova Academy. She also conducts rehearsals of the students from the Academy sometimes.

She has a lot of experience working the historical repertoire on the Mariinsky Theatre stage. She performed as a soloist in “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai'' (Krakowiak), "The Swan Lake'' (mazurka) “Don Quixote'' (Gipsy), “The Nutcracker'' (Lady) and "Polovtsian dances'' and she has also danced every kind of historical dances such as quadrilles, minuets, sarabandes, polonaises and other kind of dances highly used in classical repertoire.

During the course of historical dance, students will study and get familiar with the following dances from Mariinsky Theatre: the Minuet from “Rigoletto”, the Quadrille from “The Queen of swords” and the Polonaise from “Eugene Onegin”, among other pieces and apart from the theoretical material following the methodology of the Vaganova Academy.
Anastasia Vasilieva - Caracter Teacher - photo by M.Logvinov Anastasia Vasilieva
Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of methods of teaching character
historical dance and acting
In 1991, graduated with honors from Vaganova Ballet Academy of Leningrad class of Natalia Dudinskaya and Konstantin Sergeev.
In 2005, graduated with honors from Vaganova Ballet Academy as a ballet tutor and choreography teacher.
In 2009, finished the post-graduate study of Vaganova Ballet Academy.
In 2015 Candidate of Sciences (PhD).
In 2012 Awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

1991 - 2012 - a ballet dancer at Mariinsky Theatre.

Since 2003 teaching character and historical dance at Vaganova Ballet Academy
Author of the book “Waltz. History and school of dance” and some articles on choreog-raphy.
Elena Sheshina - Ballet teacher Elena Sheshina
Teacher at Vaganova Academy
In past ballet soloist at Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky theaters
In 1997 Elena graduated from Vaganova Academy (Class of Professor N.Dudinskay).
In 2008, Elena received a diploma in higher education at Vaganova Academy (bachelor of art ballet).

Her awards, like a dancer:
1st prize, Gold medal - Open ballet competition "Arabesque - 2000" in Perm, Russia (2000);
1st Prize, Gold medal - International Ballet Competition in Kazan, Russia (2001).

Elena's career grew rapidly.
1997-2001 she became a ballet soloist in Mikhailovsky Theater;
from 2001 to 2009 - ballet soloist in Mariinsky Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia, tutor in the theater N.Kurgapkina);
from 2009 to 2011 she was a ballet soloist at the Semperoper (Dresden, Germany).

Among her roles: Odette / Odilia (Swan Lake); Masha (The Nutcracker); Gamzatti (La Bayadere); Middle Duet (chor. A.Ratmansky); Puppet Fairy (Puppet Fairy); Kitri (Don Quixote); Giselle (Giselle); Gulnara / Pas de de Medora (Corsair); Aurora / Princess Florina (Sleeping Beauty); La Sylphide (La Sylphide); Pas de deux Tarantella and Solo in Theme and Variations (chor. J. Balanchine); Pas de deux classique de D.Ober; also performed numerous roles in William Forsythe's ballets, etc.

Elena has many years of experience as a tutor and as a teacher. 2013-2014 Elena was a tutor at the Academic Ballet Theater L.Jacobs on and teacher in Boris Eifman Dance Academy (classic dance, work with preparatory groups), from 2016 to 2019 she was a tutor at the Boris Eifman Theater, rehearsed with many troupe dancers, including Maria Abashova. Since 2019 Elena became a teacher at Vaganova Academy (classic dance).
Maria Vikulina Teacher Maria Vikulina
Currently actress of the Ekaterinburg Young Spectator Theater
Laureate of numerous national and international awards
Graduated with honors from Ekaterinburg State Theater University
Maria Vikulina will teach Acting in Russian Masters Ballet 2018.

She is currently an actress of the Ekaterinburg Young Spectator Theater.
In 2009 she graduated with honors from the Ural Music College in piano class (teacher Alexandrina Gerlach). She also received a choreographic training at the school of the Ballet-Plus Theater.

In 2013, she graduated with honors from Ekaterinburg State Theater University with a degree in Drama Theater and Cinema Artist (course master Andrey Rusinov, assistant professor of the Acting Department, laureate of the M. Tsarev People's Artist of the USSR award for successful training of the actors).
In 2013 she was admitted to the troupe of the Ekaterinburg Young Spectator Theater. On the stage of this theater in 2005 the creative debut of Maria took place - she played the role of the Beautiful Ballerina in the play "The Steadfast Toy Soldier" (directed by Vyacheslav Kokorin).

The most significant roles are:
The Little Mermaid (the play The Little Mermaid, directed by Roman Theodory), Cinderella (Cinderella performance, director Dmitry Kasimov), Anya Ranevskaya (The Cherry Orchard, directed by Anatoly Proudin), Görlin Kelliger (The Lonely West , director Semyon Serzin), Laura (performance "Glass Menagerie", director Anna Gusarova) and many others.

Maria takes part in various theatrical projects of the city.

On the stage of "House of Actor" she plays in the plays:
"Seagull" (the role of Nina Zarechnaya, director Irina Pavlova),
"Spring waters" (the role of Gemma, directed by Irina Pavlova),
"Per Gynt" (solo performance, director Daniil Andreev).

Maria also takes part in the productions of the Chamber Theater and the Theater of the Word.