RMB Online

Virtual professional training focused on individual work and intensive development
Private classes
Russian Masters Ballet offers the possibility of taking private classes with the best masters of Russia. This format is the best to reinforce the technique and achieve a fast and effective progress with the ballet classes, adapting to the specific needs of each student.
Masterclasses are excellent to complete the regular training that the students receive in their schools. The classes are focused in different specialities, including classical dance, character dance, drama, pointe technique and repertoire, flexibility and physical training, all of them taught by the teaching staff of RMB.
VA Summer Intensive
You have the opportunity not to waste time and improve your skill during your summer vacation at home. Russian Masters are always ready to support you in your professional growth together with the Vaganova Academy.
RM Spring Intensive
This program is exclusively created by the RMB team and its main goal is to improve our students’ technique thanks to work with the best teachers.
VA Winter Intensive
As always, we count on the experience and professionalism of Russian Masters and the best teachers of Vaganova Academy with the highest experience to offer you the best quality online course. We keep working on our digital courses although they have no equal. Vaganova Academy Online Intensive is a program created and inspected by Vaganova Academy itself, and it is recognized as an Official Course of the Academy.