Slava Tutukin - Soloist dancer, Coach, Manager
Soloist dancer, Coach, Manager
Mikhailovsky Theatre, Magdeburg Theatre, Aalto Ballet Theatre Theatre, Ballet Dortmund Theatre
Winner of prestigious awards
The currently principal dancer and company manager of Ballett Dormtund and NRW Juniorballett, Slava Tutukin, has is one of the best contemporary representatives of the Vaganova expression in all its glory.

Tutukin is a real star of classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet who at same time manages some of the most impotant ballet companies and projects of Germany.

We are glad of having this special guest, that will give a talk about Professional Orientation and will be one of the invited guests for the Ballet Auditions.

Splashes of his CV:
Considered one of the most talented young dances of present century, has worked as a soloist in the best ballet companies in the world (including The Mikhailovsky Theatre), even making the leap to the big screen in the tv most important Germany;
He has given numerous master classes throughout the world with overwhelming success.
Slava won the prestigious “Farukh Ruzimatov” prize in 2007;
and Rieti prize in Italy in 2009.