Ieva Immertreija - specialist in Boris Knyazev's gymnastics
Graduated in costume design
Specialist in Boris Knyazev's gymnastics
Professional dancer
Ieva Immertreija - ballet studio "Baleta Klase" owner, choreographer, pedagogue, costume designer for operas, theaters and ballets, children's games, theater of operetta and musicals, and owner of the brand "Ieva" and a specialist in Boris Knyazev's gymnastics.

Ieva was a professional dancer, soloist of the dance company "Liesma" for 16 years, studied the pedagogy of classical ballet technique as well as the history of Russian ballet at the Vaganova Academy.

Ieva is a specialist in Boris Knyazev's gymnastics. Boris Knyazev’s parterre gymnastics was aimed at developing the elasticity of the ligaments, strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities, beautiful posture, stability, and good coordination of movements. “Floor Barre” can be used as a light warm-up before the main ballet lesson, as well as a separate “lesson on the floor” for intensive training and strengthening the back muscles, building good posture, and stretching.

She has the degree of costume designer and technical specialist, of classical ballet pedagogue and choreographer, so she knows everything and from different angles on ballet costumes: as a dancer, as a designer and as a choreographer. Therefore, our students have a chance not only to study how to make headbands by themselves (and it is really important, since it is difficult and expensive to find a unique and original headband), but also have the opportunity to know interesting things about the history of ballet costumes and many other secrets. It is a beautiful opportunity to relax during manual work with a brilliant teacher of ballet fashion.
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